ScoreProgress Manual


ScoreProgress pathName ?Options?

Available options:

ScoreProgress_update pathName ?Options?

Available options:


package require ScoreProgress
grid [ScoreProgress .c -width 300 -max 300] -padx 10 -pady 10 -sticky nsew
grid columnconfigure . 0 -weight 1
set a 0 ; while {$a < 35} {
 # ScoreProgress_update .c -completed $a
 # ScoreProgress_update .c -correct $a -incorrect 30
 # ScoreProgress_update .c -completed $a -max 100
 ScoreProgress_update .c -correct $a -incorrect 30 -max 100
 after 10
 incr a

Further Information

If -completed, -correct and -incorrect options are all set at once, the widget will display its Unscored form, ignoring -correct and -incorrect values.

This widget will dynamically resize as needed.

The ScoreProgress index page has more general info and screenshots.